Kinetix Software Solutions

A customer for Life Philosophy

Kinetix Software Services (Pty) Ltd was established in 2010. It forms part of the Kinetix Group of companies, comprising of: Kinetix Technologies, Kinetix Technology Rentals, Kinetix Technology Solutions, Kinetix Connect, Kinetix Connect Solutions, Kinetix Technologies KZN, Kinetix Technologies CPT and Kinetix Software Services. Kinetix Software Services adds Software and Applications to the Kinetix Group’s list of specialised services including: Telephony, Printing, Connectivity and Cloud Solutions that we have become synonymous with.


We pride ourselves on enabling companies to aid people both internally and externally in the most effective, efficient, affordable and innovative manner possible, through the use of our certified software application and service offerings.

ultimate customer satisfaction

Strategic Alliances

To broaden our software solution offering, Kinetix Software Services (Pty) Ltd has formed a strategic alliance with some of the top software and service providers internationally. These partners assist us with state-of-the-art applications, software, and development, and when matched with Kinetix Software Services, the service level agreement is simply unbeatable.

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Our service sets us apart

Our mission is to satisfy our clients’ business needs by providing best-of-breed software products and solutions with unsurpassed service levels. This approach not only nurtures long-lasting relationships but also allows simultaneous business growth for our clients as well as Kinetix Software Solutions (Pty) Ltd. Our ongoing evolution further enhances our ability to offer cutting-edge software solutions and strategies. To join the Kinetix Software Solutions (Pty) Ltd family, call our offices today and allow us to demonstrate our core values and mission from the outset. We will not let you down.

Core Kinetix Values

Kinetix Software Services is proud to offer adaptable and cutting-edge software product bouquets. As a leading international software provider company, we strive to fulfill our four core values:


Our ‘customer for life’ philosophy makes service the single most important aspect of our business and is the beating heart of our organisation. Service levels dictate our industry-beating technician-to-customer ratio but also stimulate class-leading response and connectivity times.


We offer educated and informed solutions to benefit our customers’ business interests and build trust and credibility. Building long-lasting relationships are integral to our ‘customer for life’ business ethic.


Long and stable relationships are not only built on superior service but also on how situations are handled when the inevitable hiccup occurs. We win customers over with our competitive edge solutions, and we retain customers thanks to our highly skilled and customer-focused staff. We boast a high level of customer retention with proven year-on-year growth. We understand that our customers need more than just an application – they need complex, managed, and integrated solutions.


We aim to underpromise and overdeliver, and our focused, scalable solutions provide value right from the outset. Over-and-above our regular service charges, our clients benefit from reduced costs, streamlined processes, increased productivity, and so much more. We want our customers to not only feel loved by our team but also see value in the improved services we provide for their business.